Smart Growth


“The sum total of all real estate development — plus capital improvements in roads, schools, and other public sector activities — quite literally shapes our world.”
– William Fulton
How will your community grow?

A key question for the future of our state and our communities is whether we can shape growth in ways that results in vibrant communities, strong economies, and a healthy environment or whether we will be consumed by the pressures growth can place on our roadways, schools, and natural assets.  The quality of life in Colorado hangs on how we answer this question.

The Colorado Smart Growth Scorecard is a community self-assessment tool to help citizens easily identify areas where their community is doing well and how it can do better to grow smart.

Whether the place where you live is growing too fast or too slow, the scorecard will help your community direct growth in ways that make communities great places to live – thriving downtown and business areas, vibrant public spaces, healthy natural environments – and a unique sense of place.

“Trend is not destiny.”

— Rene Dubois

Key Elements for Smart Growth:

  • Compact Centers
  • Transportation Options
  • Housing Affordability
  • Walkable Communities
  • Natural Capital
  • Business Diversity
  • Fiscal Analysis
  • Regional Cooperation
  • Sense of Place
  • Public Involvement

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Smart Growth Links:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

— Charles Darwin

How can you use the Scorecard?

  • As a concerned community member.
    You can use the scorecard as an educational tool to better understand your community’s strengths and weaknesses in promoting smart growth. Individually answering the questions in the scorecard could also be the starting point for discussions with other members of your community.
  • In small group discussions or workshops.
    You can use the scorecard in small group discussion on your community’s approach to growth and how their community encourages, manages, and shapes growth.
  • As part of a formal evaluation of your community plan.
    You can use the scorecard in the comprehensive planning process. Community planning efforts can be challenging given the varying levels of expertise on planning issues in a community. The scorecard can be a way to bring participants in the planning process to a basic level of understanding of how their community encourages, manages, and shapes growth.

The Scorecard was developed by the Colorado Center for Healthy Communities, in partnership with The Orton Family Foundation. This project has been made possible through the financial support from the Gates Family Foundation and local governments, and the financial and staff support of The Orton Family Foundation. The Colorado Smart Growth Scorecard is adapted from the Vermont Smart Growth Scorecard with the permission of the Vermont Forum on Sprawl.[For a PDF copy of the Vermont Smart Growth Scorecard click here.]


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