Kitzhaber pushes legislation to provide health care to all Oregonians

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber wants the Oregon Legislature to reform the state’s health care system.  As Sarah Skidmore writes,

Roughly one year ago, Kitzhaber created the Archimedes Movement to get public say on how to reform the health care system. The group, which included the input of about 40,000 citizens, health care leaders and others, decided that all Oregonians should have access to health care and the state could deliver it more effectively than the current system.

The Oregon Better Health Act is a product of that group’s thinking. The act, if passed, would take the federal and state money currently being spent on health care and try and use it more effectively.

If passed, it would trigger a request to the federal government to grant Oregon the congressional authority to control state and federal health care dollars. Oregon would then design a system to provide physical, mental and other health benefits for all of its residents. The act would also create a process that allows the public to have a say on how the health care system would work.


Learn more about the Oregon Better Health Act . . .


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