The Small-Mart Revolution

When Michael Shuman presented at Healthy Mountain Communities’, 1st State of the Valley Symposium in 2003, he presented an alternative approach to economic development that focused on local ownership and import substitution (LOIS) rather than the export model so common today.

Now he has completed The Small-Mart Revolution, which details the reasons why ‘local’ is working across the U.S.

As the publisher summarizes, The Small-Mart Revolution:

  • Shows exactly why locally owned businesses are far more beneficial to their communities than massive chains like Wal-Mart
  • Outlines specific strategies small and home-based businesses are using to successfully outcompete the world’s largest companies
  • Advises consumers, investors, policymakers, and organizers on how they can support the the local entrepreneurs who contribute to their communities

Read more or order the book . . .


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