Voters reject creating health district in La Plata County

Voters said "no" twice to a proposal to create and fund a health district in La Plata County.

The district was defeated by 6,040 votes (53 percent) to 5,290 votes (47 percent), while the tax levy was defeated by 6,869 votes (60 percent) to 4,538 votes (40 percent). The district would have been funded by a 1.7 mill tax levy, which would have raised about $4.2 million in its first year. A seven-member board, including two members from each of three districts and one at-large member, would have overseen the use of the district's funds.

The proponents' service plan would have focused money on primary and mental-health care. Funds would have gone to Valley-Wide Health Systems, the San Juan Basin Health Department, the Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center and others.

The 11,539 votes represent about 43 percent of the ballots mailed.

Read the full article in the Durango Herald . . .


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