To annex or not to annex? That is the question

More than 1,000 Telluridians(?) took their flowers and chocolate to the polls on Valentine's Day and voted 603-439 not annex but to move toward condemnation and purchase of the Valley Floor at the entrance to town.

The annexation option was to continue into further annexation proceedings with the San Miguel Valley Corporation, the current owner of the 793 acre property. The Telluride Town Council, had unanimously supported a "Yes" vote to continuing negotiations since the preliminary annexation agreement would have preserved 91% of the property in a conservation easement ensuring public access.But the proposal also included development of a parcel along the highway into town and the large meadow would be split in two by 22 multi-million dollars homes – a sore spot with many voters. The community now faces a fundraising effort to purchase the property (recently valued at $48 million) after a valuation trial . Telluride has already raised about half that amount.

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